VIRTUE helps brands to think and operate as publishers
03-05-2018 18:04:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 9677 | Tags:

VIRTUE, the creative agency by VICE, presents Publisher's View: a consultancy trajectory during which VIRTUE's creatives and strategists help brands think and act as publishers.

The experience of VICE as a publisher, and the knowledge, data and technology the worldwide editorial VICE network has to offer, is applied to create relevant stories that fit within the culture of the target audience. Stories created to add value and consequently result in an increase in the consideration set of consumers.

Publisher's View helps brands to approach content marketing from an editorial perspective. As opposed to campaigns driven by branded content trajectories, brand publishing doesn't revolve around campaign-thinking: it's all about always-on communications.

Perre van den Brink, Managing Director VIRTUE Benelux: "Consumers are continuously overwhelmed by brand messages in which brands sell their products. With brand publishing it's about adding value; a story that adds something relevant to the lives of consumers. If you tell your stories like this on a regular basis, you'll not only add value to the lives of your target audience - your brand preference will also soar, resulting in a higher placement within someone's consideration set. As an agency that came from the publishers-DNA of VICE, we have all the knowledge, data and experience in-house to help brands achieve this."

During the Publisher's View trajectory, the existing identity of a brand is used as the basis of developing an editorial vision. In addition to developing an editorial vision, VIRTUE can also develop formats, stories and a distribution strategy to disseminate content via the right channels, during the right moments, with an appropriate length, to the right people.

Additionally, VIRTUE helps to transform the marketing department into a fully functioning editorial team.

During this process, it's always taken into account what the preferred commercial impact of these activities needs to be.

VIRTUE has already finished Publisher's View trajectories for supermarket Albert Heijn, online retailer, the bank ING, and is currently working with TUI.

Monique Bergers, editor-in-chief of Appie Today: "With Publisher's View, VIRTUE has truly helped us in further developing the editorial vision of our content-platform Appie Today. That was the starting point for the development of new formats like the dating show Appie to Date, the critical format Food for Thought, and ensured our existing formats were updated. The knowledge about publishing that VIRTUE has from VICE, combined with how they operate as a creative agency, has been absolutely instrumental to the entire process."