VICE captures hopes and fears of youth amid Covid-19 in new report
23-04-2020 10:53:49 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 3623 | Tags:

Up to 87 per cent of Millenials and Gen Z have invested in limiting the spread of Covid-19 even as 60 per cent of them record an increase in empathy in the wake of the contagion, a new report by global independent youth media company Vice Media Group posits.

The report that depicts the behaviours and feelings of young people shows they are taking the coronavirus crisis seriously and are doing everything they can to remain positive, is a departure from media reports to the contrary.

Dubbed Youth in Pandemic: Hopes and Fears for an Uncertain Future, the report that surveyed 9,360 respondents across 30 countries, captures an array of insights including their trusted sources of information to behavioral changes that are guiding their daily lives amid the coronavirus crisis.

The study was conducted by VICE Media Group’s Information Desk, its arm dedicated to decoding youth behaviours and trends that are moving and shaping culture.

Julie Arbit, Global SVP of Insights, VICE: “As the leading youth media company, it is our responsibility to be by young people’s side and help guide them through these unprecedented times, so we conducted a survey among our global audience to understand their mindset and inform what they need most from us right now. What was clear from our research is that while young people feel the world hangs in balance, they believe there is a path to a positive future. Young people are looking for media and brands to establish connections for support and collaboration, to create the content they need to stay informed and entertained, and to help them make a difference.”

The report noted that 55 per cent of millenials have recorded an increase in fear with those in the prime of their careers, worrying more about economic impact. Gen Z, in their social prime, are more concerned about mental health and relationships. Three out of ten said they had reached out to someone they hadn’t spoken to in a while with a similar number saying they had embraced a new pastime.

In terms of information access, while a bulk of the respondents say they struggled with finding trusted sources, 90 per cent of them said they relied on government organizations and international bodies like WHO with 58 per cent counting on national leaders.

The report also noted that the way the economy operates and the way we engage with our community are two of the biggest factors young people predict will forever change even as opinion remained divided right down the middle on whether COVID-19 would have a positive or negative long-term impact on society and culture.

As it seeks to help more players navigate the tough times, VICE through its information desk has announced that it will be sharing more information starting with a new thought leadership series dubbed Fast Forward which would premier on April 23.

This, in addition to conduction more research on changing sentiments over time and specific topics such as wellness, entertainment, work and money.