SpotX, Acxiom partnership bolsters IPG data driven video advertising
25-06-2020 13:03:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 2901 | Tags:

Global video advertising company SpotX has partnered with data and technology foundation for marketers Acxiom to offer enhanced audience-based buying capabilities and improved inventory matching using Acxiom’s data.

The new integration layers data on the supply-side, therefore allowing advertisers who are purchasing media programmatically through a demand-side platform (DSP) to get closer to their desired target audience.

Kristen Williams, VP, Strategic Partnerships, SpotX: “Addressable advertising and the personalization of video ads have become increasingly important to upfront negotiations, so we want to ensure that data is made available with the most scale to help our clients reduce wasted ad spend and not only reach a larger audience, but also generate better results. Our integration with Acxiom is an important step for SpotX’s commitment to client success as we guide them to make the smartest decisions by fusing ads with unique data.”

The partnership drives more filtered demand to media owners and enhances their engagement with advertisers who are focused on audience-based buying and wish to hone in on specific customers via well-curated and actionable first- and third-party audience data, across all devices and platforms.

John Baudino, SVP Digital Data, Acxiom: “We provide marketers with the ability to unify data across their campaigns and measurement, and our data and technology layer allows us to apply various techniques such as machine learning to optimize those media campaigns.”

The partnership will see advertisers gain access to premium video inventory at scale via SpotX, audience mapping and advanced forecasting and planning. This level of audience mapping can only be achieved on the supply side and with providers that have trusted relationships with premium media owners.

Ben Mittal, Partner Manager, Acxiom: “By partnering with SpotX, we can now offer our clients additional visibility into where they can reach their audiences, as well as data permissions, protection, and privacy.”

IPG’s leading addressable media agency Matterkind is currently leveraging the integration for clients to create additional visibility amongst key audiences.

Peter Parisi, Director Advanced TV, Matterkind: “Matterkind’s Addressable Strategy and Activation Teams have seen success and high performance from SpotX setting up private marketplace deals while leveraging Acxiom data. This has enabled our teams to work with Acxiom as a data partner to identify and efficiently scale strategic audiences within SpotX’s premium video inventories for our advertisers.”

Acxiom client’s data segments will only be permissioned and used on campaigns for which SpotX is contractually allowed. The integration gives media buyers the ability to communicate more effectively with their audiences and create more personalized experiences. SpotX and Acxiom are each compliant with both GDPR and CCPA privacy regulations so media owners and advertisers can be rest assured that all data is trusted and protected.