Publicis Groupe launches business outcomes tool for midsized companies
01-05-2020 10:32:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 3028 | Tags:

Publicis Groupe has launched The Pact, a new solution that is targeting U.S. midsized businesses with guaranteed outcomes to leverage their return-on-advertising spend through the coronavirus crisis and offer a recovery strategy. It is powered by U.S. most accurate and stable identity management platform from Epsilon.

Investment in the solution is guaranteeing customers real business outcomes including new customer acquisitions, sales, return-on-advertising spend, registrations, and other agreed Key Performance Indicators. Publicis Groupe is promising a full refund on investment if results are not delivered.

Arthur Sadoun, Chairman & CEO, Publicis Groupe: “With the acquisition of Epsilon, the plan has always been to create data-led packages using AI technology, to guarantee outcomes. We’ve accelerated that product roadmap in service of the times, and we’re starting with the clients that need it most: midsized companies. While they may be focused on cutting costs to weather the current storm, they are also well aware that driving sales is critical both now and when recovery returns.”

As a package, The Pact combines the power of Epsilon’s CORE ID and AI with the unrivalled scale of Publicis Media. Epsilon’s CORE ID is the most accurate and stable identity management platform in the U.S.  It represents 200+ million people and is rooted in transactional data underpinned by powerful AI. Publicis Media boasts the largest media buying operation in the US, delivering unparalleled efficiency and competitive advantage for businesses.

Arthur Sadoun: “At a moment when lockdowns have generated new digital behaviors leading to massive additional insight on individual customers, we are able to bring to our clients what they need most in this uncertain period: the confidence to make the right investment for the future of their business. After accelerating on Marcel for our people, we are now doing the same for our clients with The Pact. The Pact is the living proof of our commitment to help our clients get through the crisis today and transform for the world of tomorrow.”

Together, through The Pact, these capabilities tap into the proliferation of new data signals from rapidly changing consumer behaviors – such as increased streaming, evolving TV viewership and shopping shifting from in-store to online – to drive timely, relevant messaging. Epsilon’s CORE ID serves as the backbone for The Pact AI models that self-learn and re-write themselves every second to optimize to targeted KPIs. The Pact harnesses the power of billions of digital contextual signals to deliver rich audiences, dynamic creative and one-to-one personalization at scale. The Pact clients will be provided with transparent measurement of every marketing impression and conversion, with a guaranteed return.

Bryan Kennedy, CEO, Epsilon: “The rapid shift of behavioral data signals from our new normal of social distancing and shelter in place has further enriched the heart of Epsilon, Publicis Groupe’s data platform, by increasing digital touchpoints by more than 20%, making it an even more powerful, precise source for consumer understanding and personalization at scale. By combining these newly boosted signals with our set of 200 million CORE IDs, powerful machine learning and a private exchange of thousands of publishers, we created an outcome-based product for clients who need it most.”