Maze-One International launched
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Local Planet, the media agency network uniquely combining the best-in-class, best-in-market, independent agencies in the world, has teamed up with Maze-One, the Amazon marketplace specialist agency, and launched Maze-One International, a full-service marketplace agency with global capabilities.

Using Maze-One’s expertise in shopper marketplaces, especially Amazon, and combining it with Local Planet’s local-up approach to consumer understanding and multi-channel activation on a global scale to drive growth, Maze-One International is built to service multi-market brands who want to see the benefits of e-commerce on various platforms in various markets, specialising in Amazon strategy and execution.

Amazon’s importance is significant with over 304 million active users globally and revenues of $542Bn (Source: Statista) making them a dominant force, alongside the likes of in China. Significantly, Amazon have overtaken Google in terms of Product Searches (Source: eMarketer) and has further consolidated its position as the third-largest digital advertising platform behind Google and Facebook, which means that Maze-One International is perfectly placed to help global clients navigate effectively within the Amazon ecosystem, from e-commerce through to advertising delivery, whilst also offering unrivalled full consultancy services.

Maze-One International offers the following services to international clients;

  • Onboarding – a personalised service guiding brands as they navigate the initial e-commerce onboarding processes on marketplaces such as Amazon, to ensure they are reaping the benefits from the first day, including administrative support and financial settlement, trouble-free linking of products, stock and orders, content and product copy, SEO on the platform, reporting and insights.
  • Content and SEO - precision content matching of a brand’s products in marketplaces like Amazon to increase sales, including placing the right content on brand registry programs and helping brands build their own brand stores.
  • Advertising – helping brands to create the best strategy for every marketplace for their products. Specialists are experienced in creating and managing marketplace media plans, analysing campaign data and mining the correct data points leading to insights that maximise results and unlock growth.
  • Marketplace Strategy and Consulting – mapping a brand’s existing commerce strategy to a marketplace strategy, including multi-channel product flow across wholesale, own website and reseller.


Martyn Rattle, Global CEO of Local Planet: “As a collective of passionate entrepreneurs, Local Planet and Maze-One are able to spearhead innovation quickly with agility and creativity to create new capabilities and opportunities for clients who are looking for help in driving their business growth. Maze-One International will and is already providing our clients with unrivalled expertise in the e-commerce space.”

Tim van der Bilt, Founder and Managing Director of Maze-One: “Local Planet consists of an inimitable group of skilled entrepreneurs who are an inspiration to work with. We are looking forward to being a part of this network and helping the agencies and their clients grow their business on platforms such as Amazon, with the reach and data available, whilst guarding brand safety and intellectual property for them.”