KLM adds Google Pay support to its Android App
02-08-2018 08:11:47 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 4642 | Tags:

Starting today, KLM is making it easier for KLM app users to purchase airline seats and store boarding passes with the Google Pay app.

This works in two ways - first, users can pay for their seat of choice and extra luggage via the KLM app with one click using Google Pay. Second, users can store boarding passes on the Google Pay app.

The KLM app's features are designed to enhance overall comfort before, during, and after the flight. By using Google Pay as payment method in the KLM app, it is possible to pay for seats and baggage even faster than customers are used to.

KLM is one of the first airlines in Europe that offers the functionality to store the boarding pass to the Google Pay app. Boarding passes automatically pop up on a phone a couple of hours before the flight. Soon the option to buy Wi-Fi on board the aircraft will be added together with CO2 compensation possibilities.

The Google Pay boarding pass functionality was a long requested feature by KLM's Android app users. A similar functionality was already available to users of the iOS KLM app, via Apple Wallet.

The new feature is already available for KLM app users in countries such as United Kingdom, USA, Spain, Germany, and Brazil. Google announced that Google Pay will be available globally very soon, so KLM expects it does not take too long before it will be available to users in The Netherlands.

The KLM app has already been downloaded millions of times and has more than 100,000 active users each day. No fewer than 70% of the app users are logged in permanently and are using the KLM app several times a month.

The Google Pay functionality will be added to the KLM app's existing line-up, such as booking a flight, checking in online, and downloading boarding passes.