Google expands audio ad options to respond to growing demand
21-08-2020 14:16:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 7795 | Tags:

Google has announced the expansion of its Ad Manager tool for programmatic audio placements, with addition of new features and audio forecasting capabilities.

This comes as demand for programmatic audio inventory continues to rise and more brands and publishers express interest.

While overall music and podcast streams took a slight downturn at the height of lockdowns around the world, our New Normal tracker revealed that 32 per cent of people were listening to podcasts less during lockdown,  this was likely due to the fact that people were not commuting or spending time in the gym. The latest data from Statista now projects global advertising spend on digital audio to reach $4.5billion this year and the number of listeners to exceed 976 million.

Google Ad Manager is expanding support for audio ads with new features including Dynamic Ad Insertion for audio, programmatic monetization and new audio forecasting capabilities.

Dynamic Ad Insertion for audio will allow ads to be dynamically inserted in between songs based on who is listening and adjust ad delivery based on how users are engaging with content. For example, if someone is interacting with a music streaming app, Ad Manager can deliver a video ad but if the streaming service is running in the background, an audio only ad can be served.

The new programmatic monetisation options for audio in Ad Manager will mean publishers can offer audio ad inventory through private marketplaces, programmatic guaranteed deals or on the open exchange. The inventory can be accessed by buyers through Google’s Display & Video 360 (DV360) platform. Spotify and TuneIn are already using Ad Manager to sell programmatic audio ad inventory.

New audio forecasting capabilities will break out audio from other formats, giving publishers insight into audio inventory availability and how audio ads are performing.

Google is also launching a new audio ad creation tool called Audio Mixer which will make it easier for marketers to create audio ad content and also enable them to add the companion display creative that will be shown with the audio tracks.

A Google spokesperson said: “With these new audio features, publishers gain opportunities to monetize their digital audio content, advertisers are able to reach more relevant audio audiences, and listeners can experience better quality ads”.

The new offerings by Google will give a wider group of advertisers and publishers the opportunity to tap into the rising consumption of digital audio content.