Geertjan Vorstenbosch and Reinier Rombouts strengthen TheNewTomorrow
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TheNewTomorrow starts 2020 with a new tomorrow. Geertjan Vorstenbosch and Reinier Rombouts join TheNewTomorrow as partners.

As a result, the organisation grows, broadens and strengthens itself. Geertjan brings commercial and marketing experience and Reinier adds his extensive track record in the field of PR, communication and storytelling to TheNewTomorrow.

Founder Floris Regouin enthusiastically welcomes his new partners: “Together we make TheNewTomorrow an organisation that takes SMEs to the next level. We do this by having companies work from their own strengths. We are not an agency, but we add the required knowledge and experience, so that our customers keep a grip on their growth.”

TheNewTomorrow makes business human, makes better connections and ensures that digital business operations, marketing and communication are optimally enabled and applied. With future focus as well as with concrete results that will be visible instantly tomorrow.

This allows companies to offer their customers the right added value, because they have continuous access to the required knowledge and experience for the challenges at hand. At TheNewTomorrow, they also have the option of flexibly scaling up or reducing external deployment and expertise, depending on their needs. Floris: "This way our customers get the best solution for their demand and they can offer their customers optimum value, consistently."

New partners

Geertjan Vorstenbosch has a background with commercial positions at various consumer brands such as Honig, Heinz and Dr. Oetker. He worked in local and international roles, including as Marketing Manager and Digital Manager and helped build the growth of these companies.

Reinier Rombouts worked on both the agency and customer side as a PR, communication advisor and storyteller. He founded Chief Storyteller in 2015 to help companies and leaders with their positioning, communication strategy and telling a personal and credible story. In 2017, Reinier published his book Raak! Use the power of your personal story.

Flexible, concrete and with the right team

Geertjan and Reinier work together with Floris as business guides for SMEs. Floris Regouin founded TheNewTomorrow in 2017 to help SMEs in their digital development. Because growth is broader than digital, Geertjan and Reinier come to strengthen the group in terms of marketing and communication. Specifically, result-oriented and with ownership, always with the question in mind: "What will we do together differently tomorrow?".

TheNewTomorrow support business through three key pillars: the first is about developing a strong identity and strengthening the reputation in the new digital world we are in today (Identity Focus), the second is about creating synergy and cooperation between the various functions in a company in order to create customer experiences that let companies win tomorrow (Experience Change) and the third is about making companies completely 'connected' with their environment and growing their business long term (Business Progress).

Floris: “We work in our own way. By looking at what a customer needs and putting together a team. First of all, with the client's own internal employees, the business guides of TheNewTomorrow and where necessary specialists from our network. Flexible, concrete and result oriented. We bring supply and demand together in a flexible and up-to-date manner. So that customers always have the most relevant knowledge and expertise that is needed at that moment. By working in a very targeted manner, you prevent unnecessary investments in time or money, nor creating extra work-load while transitioning.”

Islands or overview?

This method fits in with this new age. Reinier: “What we see is that clients and customers are becoming increasingly critical of agencies and know better what they are looking for. At the same time, the world is becoming increasingly complex and the need for specialists with in-depth knowledge is growing as well. There is a danger that “islands” will arise, and that people will work from silos that lose sight of the end customer. Both on customer and agency side. In practice you now see large, generic agencies on the one hand and specialized agencies on the other hand that are managed from different disciplines in the organisation. But both types of agencies are missing something: either expertise or overview and strength for the translation into concrete results that are in the interest of the end customer. We are therefore not an agency, but deliver customized knowledge, experience and specialisms.”

TheNewTomorrow is the business guide that advises and supports companies in the way they want and challenge them to deliver the best result. Geertjan: “We are the business guides that help companies to keep control and overview, manage on customer value and engage the right expertise for the period at the moment they are needed. We make connections between the islands. In order to continuously offer value to the end customer and to be able to adjust when necessary. And this works."