FIFA World Football Museum picks Dept to handle digital marketing
04-06-2020 17:30:51 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 2947 | Tags:

FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich has appointed Dept to offer assistance with three different projects. Dept will support the daughter company of FIFA in the field of digital marketing, with community management on social media and with the website relaunch.

With these activities, the FIFA World Football Museum aims to strengthen its digital presence and make the website more accessible for (online) visitors.

The FIFA World Football Museum selected Dept based on the full-funnel approach that the digital agency can offer. Data, tech and creativity all have an essential role to play in the collaboration. Additionally, Dept proved capable of delivering great achievements at a fast pace and offers a lot of added value on a strategic level.

Currently, FIFA World Football Museum and Dept are working on the development of a digital marketing strategy for the upcoming years. The website relaunch preparations are also in full swing, and the new website will go live at the beginning of July. T

The parties are also focusing on the improvement of the museum’s social media activities. For the museum to stay relevant and engaged in the current situation as well as afterwards, Dept is advising the FIFA World Football Museum on their communication on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. To finetune and streamline the museum’s community management, Dept set up a strategic step-by-step guide.