Facebook and rivals in regulatory hot seat over data privacy and disinformation, says GlobalData
04-09-2018 12:59:16 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 4394 | Tags:

Facebook and other top digital platforms are commanding the unwelcome attention of regulators following a series of missteps centered on consumer data privacy and high-profile misinformation campaigns

Amy Larsen DeCarlo, Principal Technology Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her perspective on what the implications for social media and other digital platforms may be of new regulations:

"Facebook has garnered some very unwanted attention following a series of high-profile incidents involving data handling and consumer privacy.  Some of Facebook's advertising-based digital platform peers are facing similar scrutiny, with lawmakers looking to stipulate new regulations to curtail issues around data misuse and exploitation.

"The challenge for both regulators and the technology companies that are resistant to controls that could stifle their advertising revenues is striking a balance that ensures better consumer data privacy controls without stifling innovation.  And when the consumer is the product not the end customer, that can be a challenge."