Dutch Design Exhibition at Fei Gallery Guangzhou
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A three day presentation in the Fei Gallery Guangzhou, a bike ride, a lecture by the Dutch designer and curator Leonne Cuppen (Yksi Connect) and a workshop on bicycle design. On September 15 the Consulate General of The Netherlands in Guangzhou is celebrating it's 20-year anniversary with an event about Dutch bicycle design. 

Dutch Design Exhibition: Bikes of the Future, will give a review of the Dutch Bike Exhibition, as part of the world cycling conference Velo-city 2017 that took place in June this year in Arnhem and Nijmegen (The Netherlands), with prints, video demonstrations of futuristic concept bikes and top models of well-known brands, from a bicycle with a 3D printed steel frame to a complete bike of fully recyclable plastic and a connected bike to an advanced recumbent bike. To enrich the discussion on the topic, Mobike, as one of the largest sharing-bike brands, will reveal key elements of the Mobike design in this exhibition.

Following the opening of the exhibition, the third edition of Dutch Design Talks will present alecture titled 'Dutch Bike: Mirror of Dutch Design' by Leonne Cuppen, curator of Dutch Bike Exhibition. The lecture will give an overview of Dutch Design and show how Dutch Bikes mirrors the main elements of Dutch Design. Design does not exclusively refer to a nationality, it is also an attitude and a design aesthetic that is very typical and remarkable. Dutch design is minimalistic, experimental, innovative, unconventional and has a sense of humor. Bikes fit in this Dutch mentality and are interlinked to each other.

The lecture is followed by an interactive workshop titled 'Dutch Bike – Outcome of Design Thinking', provided by Leonne Cuppen and Daria Biryukova. Through short exercises, participants will be reflecting consumer motives and how to incorporate their motives into design/product. During this exciting workshop participants will have the opportunity to manufacture a prototype bike.

Leonne Cuppen is a designer, curator and one of the initiators of the Yksi Design and Dutch Design week. She is currently the owner of Yksi Connect and Yksi Expo Foundation. Yski Connect aims to connect designers with the industry, provide inspiration, gives direction and resolves issues.


13:30-14:00:   Entrance and registration
14:00-14:10:   Opening of Exhibition: Bikes of the Future
14:00-15:30:   Lecture by Leonne Cuppen : Mirror of Dutch Design
16:00-18:30:    Workshop: Dutch Bike – Outcome of Design Thinking
Address: Fei Gallery, G Floor, Estate Plaza, No.5, Nong Lin Xia Road, Guangzhou, China (exit C Dongshankou Station, Metro line 1)

If you are interested in attending the event, please RSVP to Simone Ho, via simone.ho@minbuza.nl /+86 20 3813 2235