Dorst & Lesser new social media partner for Disabled Care group
27-04-2020 12:43:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 3081 | Tags:

Amsterdam based Social Media agency Dorst & Lesser has become the new partner for the Dutch Association of Disabled Care effective April 1.

The agency will support the association’s visibility and stimulate engagement and conversation through strategy, content creation and community management.

Marjoleyn Vreugdenhil, Communication Manager, VGN: “We want to make the Netherlands an accessible and friendly place to people with disabilities so that they can lead a meaningful life of their own. We want to encourage everyone, regardless of the severity of their disability, to develop themselves and participate. By putting the sector on people’s radar via social media, we can make a nice contribution to this goal. We look forward to our cooperation with Dorst & Lesser. With their creativity, we can give disability care a stage. ”

Dorst & Lesser expressed excitement at the new partnership.

Birgit Zuurveld, Managing Director, Dorst & Lesser: "The best thing about a customer like this on social media is that you can actually kick start discussions that help the situation of people who really need this in their daily lives. I am looking forward to working with both the team and our new client to fully commit ourselves to this and achieve results together."