BIS Publishers releases Augmenting Alice by Galit Ariel
28-07-2017 13:53:00 | Editor: Bas Vlugt | hits: 4688 | Tags:

Whether you are an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality developer, content creator or consumer, Augmented Reality will play a major role in our [near and far] future experiences and interactions. It is fast becoming one of the most important emerging technologies, with unprecedented investment growth and interest from big tech platforms and accelerator industries.
Augmenting Alice, by Galit Ariel, was written with the intent to contextualise and futurescape Augmented Reality applications, considering the technology’s implementation potential, challenges and risks.

Looking at the impact of the technology as it matures into a ground-breaking platform, it goes beyond function to explore the context of the technology’s implementation – through social, commercial, and behavioral lenses. It raises a discussion about the forefront of Augmented Reality development, and what its application, and eventual impact, might mean for society in the near future. The book explores current issues already arising in the digital age, due to the implementation of emerging technologies and Augmented Reality in particular – including changing behaviors and social etiquettes, identity in the digital age, privacy and ethical concerns.
The book contains an augmented layer, which provides an interactive experience and additional information and will be updated periodically. However, the book is designed in a way that ensures a full [physical] experience without the need for anything extra.

ISBN: 978 90 6369 470 8 | Author: Galit Ariel | Format: Hardcover | Dimensions: 25 x 21 cm | Pages: 256 | Price: 34,00 euros | Look inside