Binkies 3D launches website for users to experience Huawei P20 lineup in 3D
28-03-2018 09:49:55 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 6719 | Tags:

For those who can't wait to get their hands on the latest Huawei P20, Dutch software company Binkies 3D just launched a website where you can experience the new P20 lineup in 3D.

You can even compare the P20 versions against each other and many other popular smartphones like the iPhone X and recently released Galaxy S9!

On the same day Huawei reveals their latest products to the world, Binkies launches a website to further develop new standards for online customer experience.

On you can experience not only the new P20, P20 Pro and P20 Lite in 3D, the website is also equipped with a feature that allows you to compare the P20 lineup with their predecessors and other popular and recently released smartphones.

This compare feature helps users easily compare phones on key considerations such as device color and size.

This is not the first time Binkies 3D has launched such a tool. Back in 2014 they launched as a marketing stunt. The site allowed you to compare the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 3D.

"With zero marketing budget, in under 2 weeks, we managed to attract more than 200k visitors in over 190 countries." says Jeroen (CEO). Since then Binkies 3D has been on a mission to provide 3D visual for smartphones to operators and manufacturers to reach as many consumers as possible. "A lot has changed since then... today we serve 3D content on behalf of our global customers to over 20 million users a month!"

"Given the success of iphone6in3d, and the global adoption of our 3D content, we believe we are only just beginning: there is more to innovate, more to do. However, on sites where sales is the main focus, it is hard to be create and try new things for digital product experiences. We need a place that is not held back by commercial motives and allows us to work directly with consumers to co-create the ultimate experience." Remco (CTO).

Hotspot 3D is just that: the hotspot for interactive 3D product experiences. "For us, the project is about being lean, agile and trying new things to offer the best 3D product experience(s) possible."

Right now, Hotspot 3D is a visual 3D phone compare tool launched parallel to the marvelous P20 lineup from Huawei. Soon, Hotspot 3D will feature many more phones. The team has some ideas of their own for upcoming features and improvements, but most of all, they want to hear from consumers: what do you want them to build next?