3DAbout.me launches iDfits foot scanning app
24-07-2018 13:28:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 6598 | Tags:

Tech startup 3DAbout.me has launched a 3D foot scanning app dubbed iDfits.

After testing for one and a half year, the service is now available. By taking three pictures of your feet and rendering a 3D foot model it finds the perfect fit for various shoe brands.

This app helps customers to find the right size and gives retailers the opportunity to offer custom sizing to any client.

"Anybody who’s ever bought shoes online recognizes the challenge: you think you know your shoesize, but shoes vary greatly in their sizing across different brands and models. How can you be sure the shoe fits?" says Roderick Muller co-founder of virtual fit specialist 3DAbout.me. "With this app we made an end to confusing different brand sizing and international size charts, putting the exact measurements of your feet first."

Using 3D scanning, iDfits is able to build a personal model of the user's foot, helping consumers to find the perfect shoe fit. With benefits for both shopper and seller. For the shopper it puts an end to insecurity and the frustration of returning unfit shoes.

For the retailer it alleviates the demand on customer service, reduces abandoned shopping carts and cuts returns. It even increases follow up purchases: ‘You only have to scan your feet once, to find perfect fits forever’, says Roderick.

Consumers can download the app and quickly scan their feet using three photos of the foot against an A4 white paper. Partnering retailers such as Shuz, Men at Work and Van den Assem, already integrated a widget of the service in their web shop.

Once scanned, iDfits creates a 3D model of the foot, which is then compared against an extensive database of models and sizes. With more than 20,000 feet in the database, the system cross-compares against a wide range of other sizes to create a true best-fit recommendation.

iDfits is available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.