[Startup Interview] Pieter Bosschaart, Founder Mr. Prezident
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Dutch Creative Industry is publishing a series of interviews with Dutch startups. Today we talk to Pieter Bosschaart, Founder of Mr. Prezident

Please describe Mr.Prezident?

Mr.Prezident is a presentation design agency. We have a strong focus on Prezi, Powerpoint and motion design. We are a certified Prezi expert and reseller. We add value in multiple ways. First we advise our clients what presentation tool or technique to use for a specific situation. Our creative team of storytellers, graphic designers and presentation developers will then create the most impactful presentation possible.

Why did you start Mr.Prezident?

We found that even the most renowned brands on the planet, were not able to impress stakeholders within their own meeting rooms. As soon as you walk into an office, (internal) event or sales pitch, there’s not much left of the brand you know best from their amazing television ads or cool products. We decided we wanted to change this underestimated form of communication by showing how stunning a regular presentation can be when it’s well thought over and beautifully designed.

Who owns Mr.Prezident?

Mr.Prezident is part of The New Boys’ Network BV. The holding company of Mr.Prezident and Fresqo. Both agencies are founded by Paul van Hattem and Pieter Bosschaart. 

How and where are you located?

Our HQ is a church in Amsterdam. We have small hubs in New York City and Singapore.

How is Mr.Prezident financed?

The first years we were able to grow substantially without the need of any funding or bank. This year however we secured a modest investment in order to boost the international growth of our two agencies.

What distinguishes Mr.Prezident from other businesses in the industry?

We were one of the first agencies in the world to start creating highly visual Prezi presentations. Our Prezi design service is still a growing niche within the international presentation niche.

Lately however, we also started using other tools like Powerpoint, Bylder, Instant Magazine and motion design in order to be the go-to guys regarding everything 'presentation'. This is a pretty unique focus and proposition compared to other agencies in the creative industry because when a presentation gets outsourced it usually gets produced by a freelancer, in-house designer or a full service communication/PR agency. None of them with a sole focus on presentations, neither do they have a true ambition to exceed any expectation with this type of deliverable because they’re not aware, or willing, to make use of the creative opportunities they have. After all, it’s just another slide deck right? We like to show differently.

What is it you offer your clients?

We always try to become a part our clients’ organization and offer our presentations as being a service. We’re in it for the long term relationship. This means we can offer any solution at any scale and any level of involvement required. In other words, we offer the right set of tools and services for our clients to look professional every single time they present. We can create bespoke presentations for big events or high-frequency use, but we can also provide the right tools for our client to create on-brand an impactful presentations themselves. It’s a fine line between creating and consulting.

What does Mr.Prezident need to grow?

Most of all, we are looking for event-, AV-, advertising- and communication agencies to team up with. Some of our best cases were collaborations with agencies who already did a great job by setting up an events theme and venue or campaign for their client. We then make sure the actual presentations are just as impressive as the event or campaign. Our international strategy is still relatively lean and mean. This means the ideal collaboration with an (international) agency hopefully includes an in-house desk for our colleagues in New York and Singapore to help them get involved and connected.

What are your international ambitions?

We are proud to say we service clients in over 27 countries. For now however, our creative team is primarily located in Amsterdam so we would soon like to add creative talent to our hubs in New York and Singapore as well. This way we can involve foreign clients in the creative process even better, apart from providing on-site support more often.

We are also investigating other European markets to set up shop, if necessary. We have a shortlist of countries based on the number of clients we already service successfully but also based on the way the local market is developing.

Any recent news you would like to share?

Apart from some new cases on our website, we have just released our latest showreel to give people an impression of our work. Please check it out here



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