[Startup Interview] Gideon Nagtegaal, CEO Seeviews
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Dutch Creative Industry is publishing a series of interviews with Dutch startups. Today we talk to Gideon Nagtegaal, CEO of Seeviews.

Please describe Seeviews?

Seeviews brings customers closer to your brand through the powerful medium of photo and video reviews. It is a new solution to get fast and accurate feedback and also an innovative way to share visual reviews on your own website.

Why did you start Seeviews?

In our time at Wehkamp we saw closely monitored the rise of reviews which we saw rise incredibly. So, within a couple of years the opinion of the consumer got a serious place in every marketing mix. And even today it still remains a very powerful tool, but the written light is usually cast in bad light. The reviews are often viewed as subjective. When someone says a hotel room is dirty, how can that be verified? Validating reviews is very difficult, and there are a lot of cases that show that the consumers’ trust in the written reviews is declining. We believe that pictures and videos can make the difference. And that is why Seeviews was born.

Who owns Seeviews?

Seeviews is owned by Brndsinvest BV, and two investors with a smaller stake.

How and where are you located?

For now, we are working from several locations, Amsterdam, The Hague, Kampen and Emmeloord. At the moment we do not any need to work at a central office, but in the nearby future we will pick a place that suits us.

How is Seeviews financed?

We have our own investment firm (Brndsinvest) which financed the complete development. We are now looking for smart money in a series A round to grow globally.

What distinguishes Seeviews from other businesses in the industry?

Reviews are very important to marketers, but on the other hand consumers do no trust written reviews anymore. And don't forget that our world is very visual based. We offer a solution that helps companies and consumers with authentic opinions.

What is it clients want from you?

Clients ask us for a total solution that gives insights into their businesses and a smart marketing tool.

What does Seeviews need to grow?

At the moment we are looking for series A round (smart) money in order to grow. We have ambitions to scale up our business faster.

What are your international ambitions?

Following our last update we have been able to serve all companies and all languages spoken in the world. We first want to focus on tour operators, hotels, theme parks and hotels in Europe.

Any recent news you would like to share?

Yes, in March we introduced our first version of Seeviews; specific hotel-based solution. Last week we released two new apps in Android and IOS with improved usability and easy on boarding. We also had a major improvement in our back end. From now on, Seeviews can be used for any product or service in the world within 5 minutes.



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