[Startup Interview] Razia Adam, CEO, Lwandle Holdings, South Africa
21-05-2020 13:30:00 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 6764 | Tags:

Razia Adam is the founder and CEO of Lwandle RNS Holdings, a South African mining startup that has since 2015 been providing industry players digitization processes and systems in order to enable high production rates and zero harm during mining activities.

Introduce your company

Lwandle RNS Holdings is a digital specialist offering cost effective and agile solutions to the mining industry. Our services are tailor made for each client’s affordability and providing end to end solutions

Lwandle RNS Holdings core business offering since it was started in 2015 include Technical services solutions, digitization, contract mining services, exploration, mine planning, mine design and material logistics services ...read the full interview here