[Startup Interview] Penny Whitelaw, CEO, Scircula, The Netherlands
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Penny Whitelaw tells all about her startup Scircula.

Please explain, what is Scircula?

Scirula is a purpose-led technology and big data startup that exists to make fashion circular. Through a data-driven approach, we help fashion brands eliminate fit-related returns to build the most profitable, sustainable business.

Who are the founders of Scircula?

Penny Whitelaw, CEO, Antoine Andrieu, CTO and Nicola Byrne, Director.

Why did you start Scircula?

Scircula, like many start-ups, was born out of a need to solve a personal problem. I was working in the Performance Improvement Industry, where my job was to design and sell behavioural change solutions that increase profits. I travelled extensively so needed convenient ways to get things done efficiently and began to buy my clothes online...read the full interview here