[Startup Interview] Jose Dalappan, Costral Corporate Strategic Lab
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Costral Corporate Strategic Lab is an India-based management consulting startup working with organizations in marketability of their product from market survey and other tools, branding and and business development. The company also assists businesses to re-vamp their business model therefore helping them to scale up. Costral CEO Jose Dalappan explains.

Introduce your company

Costral Corporate Strategic Lab is a management consulting firm located in Kochi, Kerala, India

Basically a Strategic Management group which successfully hand holds brands to establish, scale up business revenue, re-brand and re-establish their business strategies over the past eighteen months.

We aim to help organizations in identifying better branding and media strategy for brand recognition and brand visibility which in turn results in better business revenues. By redefining business development strategies organizations could scale up their revenues for better profitability...read the full interview here