[Startup Interview] Isaac Muigai, CEO, Humanum Ratings, Kenya
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Isaac Muigai is the brains behind Humanum Ratings, a Kenya-based management consultancy startup that advises companies on potential risks and noteworthy strengths that they should focus on in order to fortify organizational culture and boost performance. Its clientele spans banks, NGOs and hospitals. Among the services the startup offers include ratings, advice and research.

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Humanum Ratings is a management consulting agency that empowers Kenyan businesses with cutting edge ratings, advising and research

Since setting up shop in 2017, our main focus is Organisational development whereby a comprehensive regime of diagnosis and change initiatives is done in order to fortify the state of organizational culture/behavior. Through this, organizations are able to identify their salient strengths and soar higher, while also identifying areas to build on and improve...read the full interview here