[Startup Interview] Constantijn van Nispen, founder, Sprynter
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Constantijn van Nispen is the founder of Spryntera company revolutionizing courier business through unique packaging and delivery.

What is Sprynter?

With Sprynter it is easy to send packages. We pick up, pack and send for you or your business. With the Sprynter app you take a picture of what you want to send, and a courier will come to pick it up (with a 100 percent electric van or cargo bike).

For larger volumes you can just send us your Excel list, and we arrange everything for you. After pick-up and packing, we transfer it to the carrier with the best price for your package (for example DHL), and they can deliver worldwide. In your inbox you will receive one invoice with all tracking information.

Why did you start Sprynter?

We noticed what a hassle it is to send packages: find a suitable box, pack everything neatly, print a shipping label, go to a parcel point, and wait in line to pay too much eventually.

Then you’ll receive a paper invoice with long codes of tracking information. For an individual who sends packages very occasionally, this is already quite the hassle. But if you’re a business owner or a secretary at an agency and need to send dozens of packages per month, it’s undoable.

This needed improvement, we thought.

Where is Sprynter located?

Sprynter has an office plus warehouse in the Pijp in Amsterdam. Thus far, we only operate within the Greater Amsterdam Area.

Who owns Sprynter?

The majority is owned by the founder, Constantijn van Nispen. In addition, an investor has a minority stake as well as digital agency Peakfijn. They have developed the Sprynter app and all carrier integration software.

How is Sprynter financed?

With some savings from the founder, but mainly through a capital injection from the investor.

Who are Sprynter's customers?

Actually every business that does not have a dedicated shipping employee or department but sends packages regularly. Various media and communication agencies, for example PR agencies that often have to distribute samples on behalf of their clients.

In addition, secretaries from various companies that use us for sending out their batch of business gifts.

This week for example, for an Amsterdam fashion label we shipped samples of the new collection to all its European merchants. Finally, some artists and people who sell a lot on Marktplaats, who appreciate that we arrange everything for them after the sale.

What can Sprynter do that other companies in the industry cannot?

Everyone knows the big players like PostNL, DHL, GLS, etc. (the carriers I work with) but they do not offer a good solution for 'the first mile' themselves.

And the first part is where all the hassle takes place from a customer’s point of view. If you choose to have a large carrier pick it up at your door, the service is not very flexible and expensive, and you still have to pack it yourself.

Sprynter however does all the fulfilment. Of course there are other fulfillment parties, but they are located outside the city, fulfilling for multinationals and large web shops.

 For urban agencies that have last-minute needs, we are a super flexible one-stop-shop.

What does Sprynter need to grow?

We are 100 percent scalable. Every new customer fits seamlessly into the operation. The app works like a charm and all carrier integrations too.

We have a fleet of electric vans and cargo bikes that can easily be increased, and a flexible layer of couriers and packers.

The next real challenge comes as soon as we go to other cities and we start working with multiple warehouses.

What are the (international) ambitions of Sprynter?

If we are convinced that Amsterdam runs flawlessly, we will expand to The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. After that, we will continue to other major cities in Western Europe.

What will Sprynter do in 2018?

In April, we will send our 20.000th package (within the first year after launch) and will soon welcome our 100th (recurring) B2B client. As we always say: to grow, you have to think INSIDE the box.



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