[Startup Interview] Brian Munanga, CEO, SmartBuild, Zimbabwe
21-05-2020 13:50:50 | Editor: Bob Koigi | hits: 6590 | Tags:

SmartBuild, a Zimbabwe startup, is simplifying the process of building and renovating houses by providing a platform where clients requiring such services can get quotations from a number of experienced contractors in the shortest possible time thus minimizing the chances of engaging unskilled people since the startup does background checks on behalf of clients.

 It also connects contractors to jobs in building and construction. The founder and CEO Brian Munanga explains.

Introduce your company

Smartbuild that was founded early this year services the construction and building industry specifically for residential buildings.

Smartbuild is a platform where various contractors and service providers in the building sector can register under their category like electricians or builders and undergo some background checks of some of the work they have done previously ...read the full interview here