[Interview] Scott Wharton, Vice President & General Manager of Video Collaboration Group Logitech
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Scott Wharton is the Vice President & General Manager of Video Collaboration Group Logitech.

The company is democratizing video by transforming small webcams that were traditionally designed for individual use and making them bigger, better and more suited for conference rooms. The concept is based on collaboration to make the videos easier to use and readily available at reasonable market rates compared to traditional cameras.

Scott Wharton: “In the last five years we have grown from about 62 million euro to about six times the size of the business and part of what we're doing is just focusing a lot more on things that are easy to use, high quality and making sure that we integrate our equipment with the cloud services that people use like Microsoft, Skype, Google, Zoom and others then make it easy for them to buy."

David de Jong of Marketing Report talked to Scott about the company’s model.